Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More than a friend
By: Alma Erana

The day that we’ve been met
It seems you are stranger in my sight
As time goes by we became friends
Together we converse and we understood
Each other, it seems my life is glittering and bright

From time to time, friendship grew over
By sharing time of everyday living
That’s what friends are for
That in need for giving
You are the apple of my eye
In whom others are longing

Until such time we became more than a friend
We became intimate for each other, as we became lovers
You are exclusively only for me
And I’m jealous if someone who bother
That’s what I am for

As time goes by, that we’ve been always together
Sharing love and happy memories
And you are the only one in my life
I give all my love for you alone
And you and I will never be apart, until the end of time.

Monday, August 29, 2011



 By: Alma A. Erana

It was hot Sunday afternoon, at one thirty five (1:35) pm when Edna walked along the way of going home; she got startled when she saw the two lovers kissed in front of her. In that particular moment she never mined it, and she hurriedly went home. As she arrived home she saw her husband was in a hurry preparing his things going for work in other place as expected. She then helped her husband in preparing his things because she knew that the things that her husband did was for their own good for the sake of his family.

As time goes by, Leonce, Edna’s husband was very busy in his works. He was frequent business man and preoccupied with it .And because of his being busy, he has no time for his family, he even has no contact with his wife and his two sons, Raoul and Etienne, it seems he abandoned them. As a human being, Edna has a desire for a biological needs but it is impossible to happen because her husband was so far from her. Edna was so aggressive she wanted her husband’s great intimacy with her everytime. But sad to say, that her husband was far away with her. Because of that being solitude, Edna was engrossed how to live socially together with her friends. She even engaged in  night life activities .She learned to get along with so many friends both men and women.

In so doing, Edna met a guy named Robert Lebrun, the elder single son of Madame Lebrun. Robert was known among the Grand Isle vacationers as a man who chose one woman each year often a married woman to whom he then played “attendant” all summer long. In summer he devoted himself to Edna, and the two spent their days together sprawling and talking by the shore. At first, the relationship between Robert and Edna was innocent. They mostly bathe in the sea or engaged in idle talk. As the summer progresses however, Edna and Robert grew closer with their relationship.  Edna on the other hand came to know more about this man, until she felt in love onto him. She even forgot her love for her husband. Robert also felt the same special feeling with Edna. Robert’s affections and attentions inspired in Edna several internal revelations. Owed to persistent presence with Robert, Edna started involve being developed within herself. She then felt more alive even before, she learned to swim and became more independent and flush sexuality. She even abandoned her two sons, without having protection, love and care with them.  She left her two sons in their grandparents. 

Suddenly, it came to Edna’s mind that she has to be independent, and being away from her husband’s presence she wanted to have her own house and having many friends and played games with other men.

Robert then admirably removed himself From Grand Isle to circumvent effectuating his outlawed love with Edna. It is because he knew that society will be against their love affair since Edna was a married woman and have two sons. When Robert realized that he, and Edna were became too intimate, he suddenly leave the Island and continue to Vera Cruz for some business traits. Edna was worried when Robert departed without giving straight notice with her, and she became crestfallen because of the happening. Being an aggressive woman Edna right away having an affair with another man by the named of Alcee Arobin a town seducer who is able to satisfy her sexual needs. Never emotionally attached to Arobin, Edna maintained controlled their affair, satisfying her animalistic urges but retaining her freedom from male dominion.

At this point in time, the self-sufficient and unconventional old pianist Mademoiselle Reisz adopted Edna as a sort of protégé, warning Edna of the sacrificed required of an artist.  Edna is moved by Mademoiselle Reisz‘s piano playing and visits her often.  She is also eager to read the letters from abroad that Robert sent the woman. A woman who devoted her entirely life to her art, Mademoiselle served as an inspiration and model to Edna, who continued her process of awakening and independence. Mademoiselle Reisz is the only person who knew Edna and Robert’s secret love affair for one another and she encouraged Edna to admit to, and act upon her feelings.

Leonce Pontellier directly seek a guidance and advice with their doctor friend, Mandelet, whom their family physician. Doctor Mandelet was a fairly enlightened man, who silently recognized Edna’s dissatisfaction with their restrictions placed on her by social conventions. When Leonce consulted with him about Edna’s unconventional behaviour, the doctor suspected that Edna was in love with another man, although he kept his suspicions to himself because he recognized that there is little Leonce can do if Edna was indeed in love with someone else and that any further constraints imposed on her will only intensify her revolt against her husband. Doctor Mandelet then offered Edna his help and understanding and is worried about the possible consequences of her defiance and independence towards her husband.

 Edna still have hope that the love between Robert and her will lasted forever as she continued to think about Robert. She did not care of what the society and people may think with regard her relationships to Robert, because she loved Robert very much. She even forgot the love for her husband onto her.

One moment in time, Edna’s husband called her, for having a family vacation together with their sons in New Orleans but sad to say, Edna did not mind it. Edna continued having an affair with other men she even not mind the happiness of her two sons.

A week after that, Robert returned to New Orleans, ultimately expressed his love for Edna. He confessed his love for her but reminded her that they cannot possibly be together for the rest of their lives because Edna was a married woman and has sons. But Edna explained to him her newly established independence, denying the rights of her husband over her and explained how she and Robert can live together happily, ignoring everything extraneous to their relationships. But despite his love for Edna, Robert felt unable to enter into the adulterous affair, but Edna always go together with him wherever he go.

A day later, Edna received a telephone call with her friend Adele. When Edna knew that Adele was undergoing a difficult childbirth, she leaved Robert’s arm to go to her friend. She beseeched with him to wait for her return. From that time she spent with Edna, Adele sensed that Edna was becoming increasingly distant and she understood that Edna’s relationship with Robert was intensified. She then reminded Edna to think of her children and advocated the socially acceptable lifestyle, Edna abandoned so long ago.

Edna’s friends gave advice to her that she must not abandon her sons and husband because it’s against God’s will. As a good wife and a mother, she must love her husband and also her sons because that’s the role of a good mother. And she needs not to go with somebody else because she has already a husband, and for being an adulterous wife is really against the will of God. She must love her husband as she love herself, also to his two sons. Because of that friendly advice, Edna awakened herself the reality that she was not a good wife to her husband and not a good mother to her sons. She then realized how sinful she was. By that moment she repented to God of what she did to her family.  She realized maybe how painful to her husband of what she did to him for being an adulterous wife and for being irresponsible mother. Her husband was so loving, caring and responsible; he worked hard for the sake of his family. He loved his wife and his sons very much, but his wife never mind it.

For being awakened of her bad doings, Edna called her husband immediately and asked for forgiveness of him. Leonce then, got startled of what was happening to his wife, why she’s changed.  And so, Leonce, for being away of his wife he hurriedly went onto her. As they met each other again, Leonce hug tightly to his wife and kissed her lips because he missed his wife very much. “Hi honey, how are you?  I miss you so much…, long time no see…” Leonce said. I’m fine honey, I miss you too. I’m so sorry that I betrayed you.  For this time it will not happen again, because I realized that it’s so bad for a wife to become an adulterous. I’m so sorry again.”  Edna said. Leonce understood his wife; he accepted immediately the apology of his wife, because he loved her very much.

In that moment of time, the couple were so happy, and realized how happy it is if they were always together and understand with each other maybe they were not previously suffered for being a broken family. And despite for those trials that they encountered in their lives, they thanked God for it, and they realized that maybe it was given to God by them because God loved them very much, and enable them to grow their relationships with Him.

Few days later, the couple then returned to New Orleans together with their sons. When they arrived to their home, Leonce did not mind anymore that he will again depart to his family. He realized how important his family is. And also Edna, she did not mind anymore to go to other places and having so many friends, and the worst was that she became an adulterous wife and abandoned her family.

For being together in their house, the family were so happy and thanked God for it. In that moment, nobody can separate them with each other, and they live happily ever after.

---THE END---!

Friday, August 26, 2011

By:  Alma Erana

Sylvia was born to a poor family in a certain part of Bohol Province. Her father was only a farmer, and her mother was a dressmaker. They lived in a simple way of living, where they eat vegetables everyday. Sylvia was a diligent child and so many ambitions in her life. She was the number one choice among the one hundred graduating student and became the valedictorian during their graduation in high school because she was intelligent. After her graduation, she pursued her study in college at the University of Manila wherein she became scholar. She took up B.S Psychology. In Manila, Sylvia learned to get along with other people and joined any social gatherings.  She was easily noticed and admired by men because of her beauty and innocent provincial looking in which most men liked. Sylvia did of what she wanted to do. So, her mother has nothing to do, of what her daughter liked to do to herself.

One day, Sylvia met Leandro de Guzman a tall and handsome guy introduced by her classmate Clara in the school canteen. Leandro liked Sylvia’s profile. So, after how many days later, Leandro courted Sylvia. ” Are you sure, that you like me?” Sylvia asked Leandro.” Yes of course I like you, and I love you” Leandro replied. Sylvia liked Leandro too, so that is why she accepted Leandro to become her lover, and obviously they became lovers.

Sylvia and Leandro’s love affair was getting stronger everyday. They both love each other very much. Their togetherness made them getting closer each other everyday. In spite of their relationship, Sylvia did not get affected.  She did study very hard in order to pursue her education. Because of her handworks, and prayers Sylvia successfully finished her study. After Sylvia’s graduation she easily got a job because she had nice grades. Sylvia got a job in the s school wherein she graduated. She was a school teacher. So she had already a salary, and she did not forget her parents, she sent money for them. So, Sylvia’s parents were very happy of what their daughter’s achievements.

After three years of her job, finally Leandro de Guzman proposed to Sylvia that they will get married. So, finally they got married.  They became husband and wife and they were happy with their relationships.  They were blessed with five children. Leandro’s job was an   engineer, of the manufacturing company in Cagayan de Oro which is Del Monte Philippines in Mindanao, wherein his wife and children were left in Manila.
While Sylvia was alone in their house she felt lonesome and missed her husband’s intimacy. Her husband was so busy with his job and did not mind his family anymore.  He neglected his responsibility as a father to love and care to his family. He was very busy with his job and had a chick everywhere that is why only little money he sent allowance to his family. Until such time Sylvia got bored and try to decompensate herself by making friends with another men and women.

Sylvia learned how to live socially together with her friends and involved in a night life. She attended with friends in a disco and dance with liquor in their surroundings. She knew how to drink and smoke as the way the teenager did.  She committed adultery with other boyfriend’s and neglected her children anymore without her love and care. 

As years pass by, When Sylvia standby at the park she noticed that there were many foreigners scattered along the area. She was curious of what they were doing, so she came nearer to them, and asked of what they were doing. But she was thinking that they were Christian missionaries who preach the gospel of God. At first she hesitated to hear, but one missionary was trying to explain to her why is it important to accept and believed the gospel of God, for he is coming back the second time around to judge the wicked. And people should be ready and anxious of what to do in order to be saved, because people have only two destinations in their soul, only heaven and heel, if people walk in accordance to the will of God and do His will   so, they were destined to heaven but, if people doing wickedness while they are still living on earth and neglected the words of God they were destined to heel. So, Sylvia thought of herself that she was so sinful and subjected to hell if she will not accept and repent of what she did. But it was not to late yet. So, Sylvia was awakened herself and accepted the words of God, and asked for forgiveness for her sins to God. She then realized of herself and went back to her simple way of life in accordance to the will of God. 

After one month later, she became Born Again Christian. She then realized how much important to walk in God’s will. She regretted herself of being irresponsible mother to her children. So, she cared and loved already to her children after she knew the truth. 

After three months later, she called the attention of her husband, and she preached and explained to her husband how important to be saved so that they will not destine to hell. And her husband accepted of what his wife had said to him.  Sylvia’s husband then realized that he was an irresponsible father too; to his family. He then awakened to the reality that as a responsible father he would love and cared to his family because that was a command by God. In so doing, the de Guzman family after they accepted and received God as their personal saviour and walk by His will, they were so blessed and happy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The Lost Child
By: Alma Erana

The Golden haired sheep is amazing kind of animal. It figures in the tale of Jacob in ancient time, during the time of David 900 years B.C.

Leonos the Kenyans, who lived in the mountainous area in Tepaly together  with his wife Celia and one son Hero. The family was living simply with small house. They were poor, but they were raising several goats and a few cow. When their son reach at the age of eight, Hero used to obey of his parents. Hero was an obedient child. He always help his mother in fetching water in the hidden cave, two kilometres away from their house.  His father Leonos used to sell one goat every month in the market in order to buy foods for their consumption.
One time Hero asked his mother, that he should go to school. “Mama I wanted to go to school, I want to study.” “ Oh, my son, there is no school here in our place, there is a school in Ethiopia but two hundred kilometres away from here, and besides we have no money my son.”  Her mother answered. “I understand you mama”, Hero replied. We will have more money someday he humbly said.
Few months later, Hero was fetching water alone and went into the deep well. Because of his curiosity, he went inside the cave to find out something inside. He found out something inside the cave, that there was a yellowish shining around inside, and he said wow very bright light, and he came nearer and nearer in its source. He found out that it came from a bulging golden rock, it was illuminating. He wanted to touch, but he did not know that once he touched the rock he will become a sheep. And he touched it without any hesitation. So, Hero became a sheep. He was a golden haired sheep with no horn. Hero went home nobody knew of what was happening to him, only him. So hero forced to be integrated in a flock of goats. He took in as a part of them. His parents were so sad because of losing their exemplary child. But they did not know that Hero was still there turning and became a sheep.
One morning, his father Leonos was looking for a goat, to bring with him to sell in the market. He noticed, and his eyes became wide upon seeing amazing sheep alone among group of goats he feeds.  He saw only one sheep, with golden curly hair. Leonos immediately called the attention of his wife Celia.” Look at that sheep where is that come from? We have no sheep, only goat. Leonos exclaimed”. Leonos wife Celia holds the sheep. “Oh, Leonos this is a nice sheep .It is a golden curly haired sheep. I bring this inside”. Celia said. But Leonos Wanted to sell the sheep for a great price in the market. But his wife did not allow his husband to sell the sheep. She wanted to preserve it.  But their problems they need more money. His wife Celia was crying upon holding the sheep while Leonos forced her to give the sheep so that he could sell the sheep in the market for a big amount of money. But suddenly, there were plenty of round golden chips that came out from the tail of the sheep. It was a gold chips. The couples were amazed of what they saw. They picked up all the golden chips, and instead of bringing the sheep in the market to sell, only the golden chips they brought.
After that moment, they took good care of the golden curly haired sheep. And every month the sheep gave plenty of golden chips, and they sold in the market to have money. They never again have difficulties in their lives because the amount of the golden chips was so high.
But the couple loss their child Hero, and it was replace by the golden haired sheep. They did not know that the golden haired sheep was their son Hero.


By: Alma Erana

The day that I found you
      You are a stranger in my sight
                      But your attention that catches my eyes,
          It makes me tremble in my heart
                       The lasting feeling that can never be lost

                    Never been expect the time we’ve met
                      You show me respect, as time goes by
         Little by little bind us together
     To the deepest love we live
    To the fullness until we die

         We live together with no regret
                 To show the world the way we loved
                Sharing great love that forever last
                  How glad we are, and forever enjoy
              The way of life as the nature exist
                                      And our God bless us with all abundance received

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Nightmare of Forbidden Affair

                                                      The Nightmare of Forbidden Affair

                                                                   By: Alma A. Erana

Justin Jay Smith was the son of the prominent couple Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Smith. Their family was so famous because they were very rich in their city. They owned banks and have so many businesses. Justin had only one brother in the family named Prince Smith. Justin Jay was the manager of their banks.  He was nice person, kind hearted, tall, and handsome. 

One day, Justin jay met a girl named Janine Munoz. Janine was so beautiful but her family background they were poor. They were both in love with each other. So, they became lovers. But before Justin met Janine he had a past girlfriend named Mekaela Conception. Mekaela was rich also, but not really beautiful compared to Janine. Justin broke up Mekaela because she was unfaithful to Justin and beside she was a city girl and she like night life. Justin did not like this kind of behavior that’s why, she broke up Mekaela, and Mekaela had nothing to do but to accept to her boyfriend’s decision.

As time goes by, Justine felt very in love with his current girlfriend Janine, because Janine was a simple girl, faithful, caring, and most of all loving. These kinds of behavior Justin wanted.

Few months later, Justin proposed to his girlfriend Janine that they will get married soon. Because Janine loved so much to Justin also, she accepted the proposal of her boyfriend.

Two years later, with their relationships, they got married.  Their wedding ceremony was engrande social. Their sponsors were all prominent persons. The newlywed couples were very happy with their wedding together with their parents, love ones, and friends. After the couple’s wedding they were separated with their parent’s house. And because Justin’s family was so rich he inherited one of his parent’s houses. So, the couple lived with their inherited house happily and blissful, without knowing that the mother of Justin against to Janine, because Janine was came from a poor family.

She did not like Janine to become a wife of her son because of the family background that Janine came from a very poor family, and they were so famous, they owned a bank company. Justin’s mother wanted Mekaela to be a wife of her son, because Mekaela is a daughter of a rich family. But Justin did not love anymore Mekaela, because she was unfaithful to him during their previous relationships. That’s why Justin broke it up.

Justine and Janine were very happy couple. Justin continued working with his job as a bank manager, while his wife Janine stayed at home.  One moment, Justin’s mother talked with their neighbors that she did not like Janine as a wife of her son. Without knowing that Janine heard what her mother in law talked with their neighbors, so Janine was so sad and pity     herself. Justin did not know of what his mother’s like that she did not like Janine. After office work Justin hurriedly went home. And he noticed that his wife looked so sad. And he asked his wife what happen to her why she looked sad? And Janine answered that she’s ok.

One moment in time, Justin’s family was planning to go on vacation in Boracay for one week. When Justin asked Janine if she will go with them, Janine told Justin that she will not go with them. She preferred to stay in their house. Are you not happy to go with us for an  island hoping? “Justin asked”. No, I like to be alone by this moment, never mind to me, I’m ok. “Janine replied”. So Justin did not force his wife. So, only Justin and his brother Prince accompany their parents went to the beach. There in Boracay, the families were so happy; they were singing and drinking, but Justin not really happy because his wife did not go with him.
There in their house Janine was thinking that she was not welcomed to Justin’s family, because they were only poor. Her mother in law did not like her, so she was thinking that its better maybe, she will leave her husband. She was sad and felt hurt to Justin’s mother.

After one week of island hoping, the family of Justin went home. So, Justin asked his wife if she’s ok in their house alone. And his wife answered that she’s ok. After a few months later, Janine’s mother in law talked again in their neighbor’s that she did not like Janine. And Janine again heard of their conversation. So, at that time, Janine felt very hurt with her mother in law, and she was crying alone in their room. So, Janine decided that she will go home in the province in her family. So, Janine asked permission to her husband that she will go home in her province to her family because she missed them. Honey I will go home in my place because I really missed my parents, and don’t worry about me because after one week I will come back here. “Janine said”. Ok I will allow you, but promise me after one week you will come back here ha? “Justin replied”.  Ok don’t worry honey I will. “Janine answered”. So, Janine went home in their place. Upon arriving in their place her parents, brothers, and sisters welcomed her because they missed Janine so much. After one week staying in their house Janine went to Manila because she wanted to escape her husband and wanted to leave him. She broke up her promise to her husband because she cannot bare the bitterness of what she felt.

Upon arriving in Manila, she was renting a boarding room and she used to find a job. Finally she found a job there. She was an office clerk of the company.

Two weeks later, upon Justin’s going home after his work he got confused, why his wife did not go home.  He was trying to contact his wife but he cannot contact her anymore. So Justin was very sad, he was thinking what was happening to his wife.  I don’t want to lose her, Justin talked to himself. Six months he cannot contact his wife, they were no communication at all.  Justin was so worried and lonesome almost cannot control to himself of what was happening to his wife.

One day, one of the couple’s friends saw Janine in Manila; their friend told Justin that his wife was  in Manila. So, Justin hurriedly went to Manila and finally found his wife.  At that time when Janine left her husband she was pregnant. Justin found his wife that she almost delivered her baby. Because Justin did not know that his wife was pregnant when she left, He was amazed and very happy because soon they will have a baby already. After three days Janine was finally delivered their first baby, a beautiful baby girl.  So, the couple was very happy because they have already a child. After they went home in their house, Justin still did not really know why his wife was trying to escape him.

One time he knew that why his wife was trying to escape him because his mother did not like his wife, upon knowing he got very angry to his mother. He did not mind his mother anymore.  But his wife wanted to give up their relationship she cannot accept that her mother in law did not like at her.

So, one moment in time, Janine got suicide in their room. She found dead by her husband, so her husband was shocked of what was happening. He was very sad and numb. Because of the tragedy that happened, Justin became insane. He cannot recover because he loved Janine very much. The mother of Justin regretted so much of what was happening to her son and to her daughter in law. So the family was silence full of sorrow, and only the small child of Justin and Janine will be their hope for tomorrow’s life.



When I was  a Child

by: Alma A. Erana

                     When I was a child, I always play with my childhood friends
                                            In the morning, afternoon, even in the evening
                                  Playing, running, singing how happy we are, that cannot be forgotten
That was really my habit when I was a child
And that is the reality as a child can be

       When I was a child I used to catch a grasshopper
        Never thinking how alert that kind of living thing
Using all the might to grasp that over
Even though after all, it’s no good at all
But I was very happy at those moments

                       When I was a child I always climb any kind of fruit trees
Excited with courage and ecstasy
          In order to reach and pick its fruits with excitement
    To taste the goodness and sweetness of its fruits
                               Never minding the obstacles might happen, and I passed it over

       When I was a child, I was also mountain climber
Together with my childhood friends
We used to climb mountains everywhere
                                      To get woods used for cooking, to ease the hindrance in every living
How happy are we, on this earth living

                   How I’d wish that those moments will come back again
So that I still enjoy the enjoyment of a child
                  But we know that the time will never come back again
All I can do, is to reminisce
          What a happy moment when I was a child